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"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary." - Jim Rohn





Fobex 16: “Deep Basin Gas”

Deep basin hydrocarbon accumulation, also known as basin-centre or continous accumulation, have been recognised in the Rocky Mountain Laramide Basins of the centra-western US and in the Western Canadian Basin. Deep Basin Gas accumulations are unconventional in that they lie downdip of water-saturated rocks with no obvious impermeable barrier separating them. The porosity in such […]


Fobex 15:”Shale as a source and reservoir rock”

In conventional oil and gas accumulations, shales comprise the source rock from which hydrocarbons are generated following burial. Through geological time, these hydrocarbons migrate from the source rock, through carrier beds and ultimately accumulate in porous reservoirs (typically sandstone or carbonate) in discrete traps. These traps are typically located in structural highs on the margins […]


Fobex 13: “Tugu Geothermal Prospect: Exploration Assessment – Geochemical Approach”

Tugu Geothermal Prospect (TGP) provides promising exploration result. Field observation and geochemical analysis have been undergone to assess and estimate geothermal potential of the area. Based on geochemical assessment, TGP has potential reservoir temperature of 250 – 300oC. Tools applied in this assessment are geothermal fluid origin analysis using Cl-HCO3-SO4 ternary diagram, geothermometry analysis using […]