On Saturday – Sunday, February 18th-19th, 2017 AAPG UGM – SC held Moticamp in Villa Millenium, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. This event was purpose to bond members’ chemistry and solidarity. Members did games and gift exchange. It was very fun! After the nightfall, they were having a barbeque party with corn and sausage as their menu. A couple of horror’s movies also accompanied. It was fantastic! They were all excited.
In the morning members were given knowledge about paper making by AAPG UGM – SC’s former (Eka Dhamayanti, treasurer of AAPG UGM – SC 2015-2016 and Putra Herianto, President of AAPG UGM – SC 2015). They also gave motivation and share their experiences which very inspired AAPG UGM – SC’s members.
After short courses by Eka Dhamayanti and Putra Herianto was given, members were doing a water-baloon battle games. So, all members were divided into two groups and they have to attacked each other. They not only got wet but also happiness. Can’t wait for the next AAPG UGM – SC’s events.

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