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AAPG UGM – SC proudly presents
“INTERNATIONAL ENERGY SUMMIT 2016: Defining Exploration Pathway”

We are getting closer to the D-day, we only have limited number of seats left! Have you registered? You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to meet Prof. Robert Hall and our other experts, would you?

Make sure you register yourself! We are also available at “40th IPA Convex” from 9-4 pm on 26-27th May 2016 at UGM Booth no. AS61a, Northwest Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center.

So, come join us and grab your tickets now!

Facilities : Lunch, Coffee break, Seminar Kit, Certificate
: 1st June 2016
: Borobudur Ballroom, Grand Tjokro Hotel Yogyakarta
: 7 am – 4 pm

Reservation and Information:
️ : Shaskia/Wisnu (081282878965/082322987316)
: shaskia.kartika.a@mail.ugm.ac.id or wisnu.adiputra@mail.ugm.ac.id

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