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Gas hydrate As Alternative Unconventional Energy

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I am Sexy and Ready to Challenge the Future

As the years go on, people keep growing, developing and giving birth, make the population on this earth explodes. While the population keep growing, followed by increasing their needs. The demand of their daily needs keep developing and growing in order to make their better live. A strong upward trend appears globally for consumption of all energy sources as people throughout the world strive for higher living standard. As the effect, people demand of energy is also growing. As we can see that the link between a nation’s per capita energy consumption and its per capita wealth is very clear, the higher per capita energy consumption, the higher its per capita wealth.Being the thing which is essence to help people strive the higher standard of live, energy is on top of human daily needs. But actually the question rises up in people mind. “Is it able to fulfill the human needs of energy, while the demand of it keep increasing but the amount of energy itself keep decreasing by the extraction?” That is the problem.

Nowadays, people try to search for new possibility in using energy which is renewable instead of the non-renewable energy (fossil fuel). Realizing that it will be dangerous to keep extracting without concerning for the future needs because the energy they extracts is actually non-renewable. People drive their brain out to do that. In fact, there are a lot of renewable energy that are being developed to cover the people dependance in fossil fuel. On of them is gas hydrate. As the people concerning in energy, geoscientists also develops themselves, until they finally found me, gas hydrate.

I am on the unconventional energy group that live to challenge the future needs of energy. I am a crystalline substance that forms when gases (such as methane and hydrocarbon gases) combine with water under conditions of high pressure and low temperature. I concentrate natural gas resulted either as a a biogenic gas or thermogenic gas in a cage of water molecules. Found in the deep marine sediments and below or within permafrost. Based on exploration, the total amount of me in the world can exceed the occurrence of my friends, oil, gas, coal and other gas resources.

Considering the increase demand of energy while we keep using limited energy (fossil fuel, which people mostly used), there are several nations that have start moving to oil-based energy to gas-based energy, so then here I am as the unconventional energy that is ready to serve the energy needs. Seeing from the economical side, there are still a lot of people that doubt about me in fulfilling the energy needs in the future because of the expensive cost of production and required high technology. But as the years go on and the technology keeps developing and the progress in understanding the physical chemistry of the natural gas hydrate system and progress in recovering gas from hydrate are changing that perception. So then I am still sexy enough to strive the higher demand of energy in the future!

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Arkanu Andaru

(Secretary I AAPG UGM – SC )

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