FOBEX 6: The Truth About Bangka Island

“This is not a serious matter about the rising price of fuels. We only need good distribution.”


Bangka and the tendency

Bangka is an island which formed by dominantly Triassic Granite containing tin minerals (Cassiterite-SnO2).  This main resource made socio-culture that fully influenced by tin-mining and its high-price. Imagine that every meter of sand in their land contains tin and economically to be mined. A kilogram of raw tin is priced about IDR 70.000. Every day, they can get 3 up to 10 kilograms. By simple calculation, everyone can assume that live in Bangka and doing tin-mining can upgrade their prosperity. But in fact, high income is balanced with higher life-cost. By this balance, they still live in low-prosperity.



Bangka is about 11.693.54 km². The local peoples are fisherman that has to sailing every day. They should prepare many things for the journey to the sea for 4-5 days. Ice blocks, fuels, food, and many more should be well-prepared.


Lack of fuels
Both of their jobs need fuel energy like solar and premium. There is only one SPBU or fuel station in every 3 kilometers away. Every morning the station opens and provides fuels only 10.000 liters. Guess what? The fuel tank will be empty only in 3 hours! Peoples know that fact and they make a strategy. They buy in lines in every morning by using tank-modified car.

Bad system or limited distribution?
This problem is homework to government, fuel company (Pertamina), or the society itself? Several questions are automatically appearing due to this problem. In my opinion, it will be time-bomb for future. On the simple way, we can imagine when the population and consumption rise but the fuel is not available. The government and fuel company (Pertamina) should have new regulation to provide fuels due to fulfill the peoples need.


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