Faculty Advisor Handover


On Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 AAPG UGM – SC carried on Faculty Advisor Handover. After 6 years Mr. Salahuddin Husein became Faculty Advisor of AAPG UGM – SC, this noon he was doing his farewell speech in front of all AAPG UGM – SC’s members. He gave us some reviews about our 6 years previous stewardship and problems that will be faced for this one year forward of AAPG UGM-SC. Furthermore, his speech is also as a mandate to the new Faculty Advisor.
Mr. Salahuddin Husein was giving sertificate to Mr. Ferian Anggara. So that, officially since February 15th, 2017 Mr. Ferian Anggara had become AAPG UGM – SC’s Faculty Advisor. As a new FA, Mr. Ferian Anggara was doing his first speech and introducing himself to all AAPG UGM – SC’s members. He gave some suggestions for this one year AAPG UGM – SC’s programs which already explained by the head of each division in the beginning of this moment. Then, after Faculty Advisor Handover procession, AAPG UGM – SC’s members were having photosession with the previous and new Faculty Advisors. It was awesome!

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