Our interesting  activities from each division in 2017 period.

Executive Committee leads the organization by building harmony in fun atmosphere, reward system, splitting of secretary position, welcoming young student in ex-committee, and beyond ‘Outstanding’ mindset. Secretary develops a new calling-out presency system, new letter design, bureaucracy book, and end year certificate for members. Treasurer develops ticket system for courses, put affordable courses, member monthly cash, MoneyMax excel tool, and Zero Budget Strategy.


The Course and Workshop Division successfully held many lectures and also innovated by developing ticket system, online booking, fun intermezzo during courses, and video opening.


The Fieldtrip and Research Division filled the spotlight by successfully held fieldtrip to the most famous petroleum site in Indonesia which is located in almost 1,500 km away in East Kalimantan: Mahakam Delta fieldtrip.


The Public Relation Division made sure the website’s daily updated and improved; it hits almost 22,000 pageviews from the internally targeted 10,000 views. Tweets and facebook status of UGM SC Page are also famous; @AAPG retweeted @aapgum and AAPG Page share our statuses in many times. PR also sent representative to IPA Conference, etc.

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