American Association of Petroleum Geologists Universitas Gadjah Mada – Student Chapter (AAPG UGM – SC) was established in 18 October 2000 and was one of 5 AAPG – SC Pioneers in Indonesia. Under the advisory of Mr. Wartono Rahardjo, the first faculty advisor of AAPG UGM – SC, AAPG UGM – SC has shown it’s prestige and achievement, then it was chosen as one of the most active and creative organization which concerns in Petroleum Sciences and Industry.

Since it was established in 2000s, AAPG UGM – SC have got one Outstanding Award, 3 times Honorable Mention and 6 times L-Austin Week Grant Awards. We have more than 150 members, both for graduated members and active members who work in 4 (four) divisions, which are: Course and Workshop Division; Fieldtrip, Research, and Development Division; Membership Division; and Public Relation Division.


Committed to becoming AAPG student chapter based on kinship, professionalism, and integrity by developing passion of geoscience members in moving this association forwards. Therefore, the members will get the benefits in form of great character and international competitiveness.



1.Building homey working environment based on professionalism 

2.Giving all-benefits to the members

3.Getting more knowledge and up-to-date information relating to petroleum, natural gas, other subsurface fluids, and mineral resources

4.Welcoming opinions from the members in order to make decisions

5.Joining the events held by AAPG-Asia Pacific Region

6.Building mutual cooperation with AAPG Student Chapters across the world

The Legendary History of AAPG UGM-SC

There is a legendary journey of AAPG UGM – SC from it’s birth until now, but we may need to clarify this story further. The first president was Umi Akhdadiyah (1997). She with the 1997ers and Department officials (he was Mr. Wartono Rahardjo; who became the Faculty Advisor before Mr. Sarju Winardi) was the founder of the UGM AAPG – SC along with another university SC in AAPG Joint Conference in Bali on 2000.

AAPG UGM – SC at that time was one of the main pioneers of SC in Indonesia. At that time, we had a lot of Visiting Geologist programmed run, such as Peter Lloyd and the 2 days Wellsite geologists course by Shofiyuddin Toha which utilized the Micropaleontology labs to observe some microfossil samples.

Umi Akhdadiyah then was replaced by Ari (1998). After that we had a quite long vacuum period due to our very busy schedule with very limited manpower, after which the Steering Committee from Jakarta led by Chuck Caughey and team (Aditya Syailendra and Guruh Didi) questioned about our SC’s activities, we (the 1999ers and the 2000ers) then re-established the AAPG UGM – SC organizational structures and (un-luckily) appointed me as the President ad-interim. We didn’t do much programme at that time because our primary concern was to rebuild and strenghten the organization. This then led to some joint short course with UPN – SC for Chuck & Yusak Setiawan’s short course and AAPG Visiting Geologist programmed (Rima Petrossian, the AAPG – DEG President) and the Attribute Seismic Course by CNOOC. Those then followed by the next agenda which elected Saufi Handri as the next AAPG UGM – SC’s President.

A lot of success stories of AAPG UGM – SC during the leadership of Saufi Handri, Julianta Panjaitan, and Zeindra Ernando. In Julianta period, our Student Chapter increased the activity and it was our time for rebuilt-up. The success of Julianta’s Leadership was proven by winning L. Austin Weeks Grant 2006. In his period, our Student Chapter was believed by AAPG to help them to give aid for victims of Yogyakarta’s earthquake. This event was one of the social activity of AAPG UGM – SC, and we were really proud of it. Next, Zeindra’s period, in this time, there was a big change of law of Indonesian Student Chaper. These changes was decided at SEAPEX 2006. These changes were the reason why Zeindra Ernando led about 1,5 years. Zeindra and his officer attended IPA Convention 2006 at Jakarta Convention Centre. This was one of way to made network with other Student Chapter in Indonesia. There were a lot of workshops, courses, seminars under his leadership.

And under the leadership of Rani Evelyn, We were still be the best. Rani and her officer attended SEAPEX at University of Padjajaran, Bandung. And the result was they got the best poster in SEAPEX. In year 2009, the good performance of the team made us won L.Austine Weeks Grant and Honorable Mention on AAPG Annual Conference’s Outstanding Student Chapter Award.

Cindy Dhevayani Savitry was the next AAPG UGM – SC President after Rani, and the third Female President. In the period of her leadership, AAPG UGM – SC had some big challenge, the biggest challenge was losing the professional environment in AAPG UGM – SC, but with patience and courage, AAPG UGM – SC could pass them all. In this period of the leadership, along with the period of biggest challenge, AAPG UGM – SC got the biggest accomplishment in the history, AAPG UGM – SC got L.Austine Weeks Grant, got 2nd in the Outstanding Student Chapter Award Against 206 student chapter worldwide, got the “most active SC Award in Asia-Pacific Region”, and sent one of two asia pacific representative in AAPG Annual Leadership Conference. Also on this period, Mr. Salahuddin Hussein was elected as New Faculty Advisor.

Final Draw of 2010 Outstanding SC Award:

  • University of Oklahoma ($1000) (American Chapters)
  • University of Diponogoro ($1000) (International Chapters)
  • Hon. Mention- Gadjah Mada University (International Chapters)
  • Hon. Mention-Stephen F. Austin State (American Chapters)
  • Hon. Mention- University of Aberdeen (International Chapters)
  • Hon. Mention- University of Utah (American Chapters)

Years later, AAPG UGM – SC still committed to be ‘number one student chapter’ in giving benefits to it’s members. Many programs was held, numbers achievements grabbed. But, in Satrio Widianto’s directions as President, AAPG UGM – SC achieved the Outstanding Overall International Student Chapter in 2017 for the great AAPG Student Chapter activity in 2016. This award was signed in AAPG Anual Convention and Exhibition, held in Huston, Texas.

The Plaque


Final Draw of 2017 Outstanding SC Award:

  • Domestic – Colorado School of Mines Student Chapter of AAPG
  • International – Gadjah Mada University Student Chapter of AAPG
  • New – University of California, Santa Barbara Student Chapter of AAPG
  • Small – Uni LaSalle – Terre et Sciences Student Chapter of AAPG

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