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Fobex 20 : “Shale Gas”

by : Dhio Alief R., M.R. Cahyadi, Reymon Agra M., Sony Setia D. Decades of oil and natural gas production around the world have resulted in a decline of these conventional resources. Basically, most of the oil and natural gas that can be produced using traditional methods is already being accessed. As new technologies are […]


Fobex 19 : “Gas Hydrate”

This article is mainly based on the paper by Chong (2015) and Oellrich (2004). Introduction Global energy fulfilment has always been vital to support a country’s development progress. But every years, the needs for energy is expected to increase significantly as human society grows. In the reference case of International Energy Outool by U.S. Energy […]


Fobex 18: “Coal Bed Methane”

CBM gases in coal has different properties with gases in the conventional reservoir. Because of the contradiction in mechanism of storing gases in the coal, the Formation Evaluation Mehod in the conventional oil and gas industry is unapplicable for CBM reservoir to calculate the gas volume in it. Gas content determination method had been developed […]


Fobex 17: “Oil Shale”

Oil Shale by Bagaskara Widi N. and team Nowadays, peoples increasly looking for compliment energy to fulfill world energy needs. In fact, that’s begin many research of renewable and clean energy vigorously. But, many problems like effective cost to exploitation and technology still being problem for renewable energy exploitation. Peoples have great dependency to fossil […]